Alma 1300 Sugar free tablets (Made & Packed In Spain) zero calorie Sweetener(1300 Tablets, Pack of 2)

INR 765.00

Alma Sugarfree tablets is a natural sweetener (Saccharin) which is the largest selling Sweetener in Europe with Over 1 million customers . "ALMA" Sugarfree is used by all fast food outlets in Spain i.e McDonald , Burger King , Pan & Co. , Vips etc. Alma Sugarfree is made from the purest form and is a healthier alternative to sugar. It is best suited for intake of sugar by young generation. It is the healthiest, calorie-free, nutritious, safe and natural substitute of sugar. It also contains several nutrients that boost overall health. It can be used for cooking, boiling or baking like tea, coffee, smoothies, cakes, protein shakes or any recipe that requires sweetening. With such delicious taste, it fits well into everyone's lifestyle. It helps you to cut down on excess calories & keep you fit. It is Made & Packed in Spain.